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One of the most attractive and versatile venues in Perth

Established 24 years ago the Belvoir Homestead was built with love and care on a property that dates back to the 1800s. Designed to complement its surrounds, it is an elegant and iconically Australian dwelling.

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Established in 1830 by the Shaw family, Belvoir is one of Western Australia's most beloved historic properties. The venue has passed through three families over the generations, and for the past 30 years has been owned and run by the Gorey family, who are responsible for Belvoir as we know it today.


The modern Belvoir Homestead is a tribute to the property's rich history and the people who wrote it. Designed and constructed by the Goreys, the Homestead's architecture and design directly reflect the original Belvoir homestead built in the 1800s – from the soaring high ceilings to the impressive jarrah fittings. The modern Homestead was even constructed using materials from the original buildings.



Adapted from the French 'belle vue' meaning 'beautiful view', Belvoir lives up to its name from every corner of the property. The historic Homestead is the crown jewel of Belvoir, and the heart and soul of its history. Now an important part of Perth's culture, Belvoir is both an attraction for tourists and a popular destination for locals, who enjoy the regular event programming of Belvoir's venue collection.

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